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Michael Carr, Founder
          "To know that even one person has breathed easier because you have lived.                              
          This is to have succeeded."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Welcome to IHC's Northstate...

IHC Enterprises, a Redding, CA based home and business service consultation team, has been serving
the north state for close to two decades with specifically tailored business & home solutions,
including IT, security & media products and services.

Founded in, and operated since 1996 by native californian and long time north state entrepreneur, Michael Carr,
IHC seeks to provide the best service solutions as cost efficiently as possible!

As 'neighbors' and 'local pros', we genuinely care about our north state community and wish to provide a solid,
dependable, quality alternative to 'big box' contractors who may, on occasion, be distracted by
what your issues may be worth, rather than staying focused on what real, viable, cost effective solutions may suit
your specific needs and situation...

Call or message our professionals today for the Best in business & home IT & Service consultation!!

Move confidently into the future...           
                  with Vision backed by Experience!!